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ABOUT Morrisons

Morrisons Miniature Goat Stud began as a concept. Murray Grills had been a Dairy Goat Judge and Breeder for 30 years or more and Sandy Grills is expert in husbandry and hand rearing. Larrah Vigor (Sandy and Murrays grand daughter) has an innate love of all animals and was completely absorbed in the MGA Judges School held at the Morrisons Property.

Murray has also judged Miniatures since 2009 all over Australia (including 2 Royal Shows). After assisting MGA in creating breed standards, it seemed inevitable that the three combine and form the Morrisons Miniature Goat Stud.

Selection was simple, we targeted breed lines that we loved from the many shows we had judged, selecting 2 does to begin the herd. And so the journey began and a little piece of the Morrisons property outside Elaine Victoria was fenced and sheds erected.

And the magic began.

Why Australian Miniatures?

There is a great pride in the development of a breed that has is roots established in Australia. These distinctive miniatures are a blossoming breed that have a huge potential and they can really only be bred here in Australia. Their name says it all - Australian Miniatures.

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