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Where is Morrison's Headed


Australian Miniature Goat Standard

Australian Miniature Goats are small in stature, big in personality'


Australian Miniature Goats have been around for over 20 years and gained their popularity through dedicated breeders promotion and their responsive and irresistible personalities.  

Their conformation is similar to that of the larger breeds, with all parts of the body in balanced proportion and relative to their size. Each animal has it's own unique characteristics which differentiates them from each other.  Ears, coat, colour and facial features are individual and animals may differ in length of leg, size and body shape.  All coat types, colour combinations and all eye colours

are accepted.

'borrowed from MGA Website'

Our Goals

At Morrisons we are committed to creating a distinctive line of well structured Australian Miniatures. 

We seek consistency in height and temperament.

We strive for the sublime and irresistible essence that completes the Australian Miniatures constitution. Curious, playful and adventurous.

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